Baby Wearing Love: The ring sling.

SO. This could get bad. I think I love ring slings. I just got my first and already want another.

From the second I put Finley in she immediately passed out. She loves it! From the picture above you can't tell but she is safe. Her airway is not constricted and her nose isnt covered.

I was able to wear her around the house, do some laundry and fold it all while she slept. I had to take her out though because I actually wanted her awake to avoid being up all night and she was not waking up in there. As soon as I pulled her out she was screeching and had to be calmed again. I think she wanted back in! I joked and told Joe that she must have thought she was just born again. Bahaha

When deciding on a ring sling I figured at Finley's age and size the cradle hold would be best for us BUT I'm pretty sure we both love this tummy to tummy carry right now. With the cradle carry I find myself worrying about her chin being pressed closely to her chest (even when it isn't) as I know that is dangerous and can constrict breathing.

I also got a Hotslings pouch in a few weeks ago and worry about the same issue with the cradle hold and breathing. It can surely be avoided but I just find myself constantly worrying and checking to be sure her chin is back. I also find the Hotsling a little deep for that carry right now but it does improve a little when I tuck a little blanket behind her back.

I'm still deciding if I like the Hotslings pouch. I might like it more when we are able to do other holds vs the cradle. The ring sling though, it's a keeper since we can do this tummy to tummy thing. Then when she gets bigger we can pull her legs out when doing tummy to tummy (right now they are in there like a little frog)  or do other positions that are options for bigger babies who can support themselves and their heads.

Oh and just because, I'm going to post up this picture I took this morning of our girl looking so grown!

Anyways, Monday is July 4th. Not quite sure of our plans yet but we will for sure be getting out. Check back for pictures of Baby Girl. She has her patriotic outfit all ready ;)

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