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The Cloud B Sleep Sheep!

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LOVE this thing.

Very early on we tried "white noise" sounds for Finley to help calm her and get her to sleep. The majority of the time it works very well for us. However, it got old when our cell phones were always in use next to the Pack N' Play (where she sleeps in our room right now) or inside her car seat carrier with her at stores or restaurants. At times white noise has been like a baby off button. lol. If she started to fuss while we were out to eat we would quickly browse to YouTube and put on the longest sleep noise "rain" video for her. If she's asleep at night and starting to make noises and fuss a bit I'll put on the noise and she'll usually go right back to sleep. I'm not saying that it always works to soothe her but it sure does a lot of the time.

With the success of sleep noise I decided Finley needed something of her own. A baby white noise machine. I knew that we needed one with rain sounds because she really likes it, more static like. These sounds soothe babies because they remind them of their peaceful time in the womb. Then pops up the Sleep Sheep. This thing is TO GO! Best idea ever. The Sheep not only plays rain, but a stream, waterfall, ocean waves and whale call noises.

The majority of the noise machines for baby are stationary for at home use and plug in. Yes the Sleep Sheep requires batteries to be on the go rather than a plug but I can vouch that we have been using ours quite a bit for over a week now and the AA batteries are still going strong. Some like the machines that plug in due to the fact that they are continuous and don't have a timed shut off.. The Sheep has the option for 23 or 45 minutes of play time. The 45 minute setting is more than long enough for us. It gets her calmed, passed out and into her deep sleep stage before turning off. Shoot, sometimes 23 minutes is enough. I actually like that it shuts off. I've heard the complaint that when it turns off baby wakes up and that did happen to us pre Sheep when YouTube was glitchy but that was only after a few minutes, not 23. With Finley, once she is down and in her deep sleep it's fine to turn the music off. It's just that time when she is dozing that we need for it to continue...this is why we keep it on the 45 minute setting, just in case.

Cloud B also makes this in a Dolphin and Giraffe. I didn't like the look of the Giraffe or the sounds that come with the Dolphin, even though it was really cute. I love the look of the sheep and it's really soft.

They make the Sleep Sheep in full size and in the one we got, the "On The Go" model. At Amazon you actually pay a dollar more for the smaller one oddly enough but I liked the smaller size for stroller and car seat travel. Plus it really isn't small at all. The reviewers on Amazon stated that the standard sized one was actually quite big. I knew we would want this smaller travel one even though we use it at home a lot due to the size. Another nice feature of the travel on is the velcro loop on the back to hook it on to a stroller or wherever. It hooks nicely to Finley's Pack N' Play or crib so that it isn't loose in there with her sleeping.

Here she is enjoying her Sheep ;) You can get an idea of the size here too.

Like I said it isn't a miracle worker but it comes close and I had to mention it here because really it is one of our favorite baby items to date. Finley loves her Sleep Sheep too ;)



  1. We have the giraffe and sheep--so cute, but my babies needed continual noise, so it was the stationary white noise machine for us. I hadn't thought of taking the animals along on trips--good idea!

  2. We have the sheep as well but it's upstairs. My iPhone is currently sitting on the pack n play playing the sound of an air conditioner ;)

  3. The larger sheep has a heartbeat sound, too!

    We have a large one here at home, and my mother in law has the on-the-go sheep at her house (she graciously bought both!).

    Because it's so warm here right now, we have fans and the a/c running non-stop, so it's great having the sheep at MIL's, because the rain sound is close enough to the fan sound that it works for him. I know I'm going to need my sheep this winter, because the furnace is nowhere near as noisy as the air conditioner.

  4. lol @ iPhone in use. I showed your message to my DH!

    So how is the giraffe in real life? It looked so big from the pictures!

    I didn't know that the big one had the heart beat. I'm sure Finley wold like that one too.

    I swear these things are just the coolest thing invented. I don't know how I didn't hear about them before.

  5. We have the full size and the on the go, but the on the go never works for us. I gave up on it, but hearing you like it so much, I think I'll try to exchange it for another one to give it another try for Guinevere!

  6. heck yes. Do it. Ours works great....as I jinx us now, lol.

  7. We got this from Target last week. Hasn't worked with us yet, but holding out hope that Max will decide he loves it one day!

  8. we have the big sheep and the travel giraffe and love them both the white noise on the giraffe is a miracle maker for getting landon to settle down and go to sleep!!

  9. I didn't know that Target has it too! We ordered from Amazon.
    Now you all are making me want to check out the Giraffe in person! lol


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