2 months old!

Mommas girl turned 2 months old on Sunday. She's getting too big!

Picture overload. I couldn't pick just a few ;)

She had her two month shots on Monday and hated it. Her Daddy and I felt so bad for her. She was being such a sweet girl when all of a sudden those awful needles got her. She gasped to catch her breath and then the screams came :'( As soon as the nurse left the room I knew what would calm her and began to nurse right away. Totally helped my baby girl. Joe said that next time we are going to shots hungry since we now have a plan. lol. She weighed 10lbs 14 oz and was 22.75'' long. She went from the 28th percentile for weight up to the 52nd!

 ...and here is one of her looking pretty just because...

I mentioned in the post the Sunday before last that we were going to go to the farmers market with my Dad. Well we all got tired and decided not to. Luckily we made up for it this past Sunday and Finley got to go for her first time. We went with both of my parents, her Grandma and Grandpa. Daddy told us to be sure and get a photo. He is a regular there. He's a chef and goes about two times a week to pick up fresh, local produce for work. He actually got a kick out of the picture because the guy in the background stocking stuff is one of his buddies that he jokes with when he goes. lol. This is her first of many trips there I am sure.


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