Three weeks old! & Outings

A week away from our baby girl being one month old! Let's not dwell on this!

Last night we went for another walk. Just like last time, this was her reaction ;)

She's been a very busy girl. At six days old we decided to go on a little trip to Babies R' Us with Daddy. Afterwards we went to lunch at Hooters, her first Restaurant trip! LOL

When Joe went back to work my Mom stayed over to help out at first. Us three girls were out on the town! It was nice having back up for outings to get myself used to doing it all alone. One day we went to the ring store because I needed to do my bi-yearly ring check and maintenance. Then to Carters for more baby clothes for Miss Finley. She was nine days old that day. I started to get tired and didn't want to over do it so we called it a day after Carters. The next day we went to the Groomers for Chloe and Denny's for Breakfast. This was also the day of Finley's ten day/two week Doctor visit. Then we went to lunch at Pie Garden and to Momma's work (after a pit stop home to rest) to meet her co-workers and Mommy and Grandma got their hair done!

On Joe's day off last week we had a nice dinner out with close friends. Both of the other couples (Chris & Kirsty and Beth & Ryan) also have new babies. We were pretty excited for Finley to finally meet her future best friends, Bradley and Rylee! ;)

Now that I've been on my own it really hasn't changed. Last week Finley and I ran some errands, went to Carters for more baby clothes (I can't resist!) and then to the Mall for Momma shopping! I scored some cute clothes for both of us! Daddy hates the button up sleepers so we needed some zip ones!

Joe is taking a quick nap on the couch right now as I do this entry and then it's off to Downtown for a late lunch and some Baby Boutique shopping. Yes, I am obsessed. I'll also add that while the Snap N' Go stroller is pretty convenient because it's light weight and nice for storage while shopping, I really like the Baby Bjorn for when I don't need to try on clothes. Finley loves it too. Her first time in it she looked so freaking cute. She put her little arms up under her chin so that she could rest on them and faced up towards me the whole time, while sleeping. It's the cutest thing ever! Stay tuned for adorable baby carrier picture that is hopefully soon to come.

Forgive me for this post being a bit messy and scatter brained. I sort of rushed through it!



  1. Oh honey, I'm so glad you're getting out and about a lot! I know bedrest just about killed you. At least you have a shopping buddy now, eh? (Hopefully Joe doesn't kill you! lol!)

    Is she STTN yet? =)

  2. where did you find zip up sleepers? we hate the snaps too! at 3am they are not fun! sienna has 2 zip up ones we keep rotating. i need to find some more!


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