One week old! & one week post baby body

Our little Angel at one week old. I don't ever want her to grow! I just love her cute tiny newborn self. Yes, she is missing a mitten.


Now, my one week post baby body. I thought it would be neat to do a before, peak and after post.

About 2 months pre-pregnancy.

Just over 36 weeks pregnant. I delivered at 37 weeks and 3 days. Amazing to think this was just about two weeks ago!

Today, one week after having her.

I never realized how big my belly actually got until looking back at these pictures. I LOVE having our Finley here but I do miss my belly. I feel like I was robbed out of enjoying my pregnancy due to all the complications. I miss her kicks though. I really enjoyed those. In the end the only thing that matters is having her here and healthy but I guess I do pity myself a little. I really did look forward to being pregnant but I was in bed pretty much the entire time I was actually showing. I'm excited now to get my body back to normal but I can't help but think "was this really me?" Probably such an odd reaction right? I just feel like I didn't get to experience it like I should have and imagined I would. BUT I sure am experiencing Mommyhood to the fullest and for that I am from the bottom of my heart, with all I have, 100% grateful....as I look down at this little person sleeping on my lap ;)
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