One month Pediatrician Visit

...well actually one month and a few days.

Finley's appointment went great. She wouldn't say so though. She got her second Hepatitus B shot and pretty much hated it :(

Her last Doctor visit was at ten days. Yesterday she was five weeks old. In just over three weeks she gained almost two and a half pounds! Dr.W said that Momma must have good milk. haha

Weight Stats...

Birth- 6lb 4oz
Leaving the hospital- 5lb 14oz
7days old- 6lb 2oz
10 days old- 6lb 3oz (the Pedi wants them back up to birth weight by 14 days so we're good here)
5 weeks old- 8lb 10.5oz !!!!

I must say I was pretty shocked. I'm not sure why though. Little Miss eats a ton. I tend to call her my little Piglett. lol. I just expected them to say she was almost up to 8lbs, not closer to 9! Yay for a great visit. She went from the 6th percentile (born three weeks early) up into the 28th!

Her height went from 19.5 inches at ten days to 21...jumping from the 28th percentile to the 39th.

Dr.W even let me know that we no longer have to wake Finley up for night feedings every 3-4 hours anymore. To let her sleep for as long as she'd like and eat when she awakes on her own. I was pretty excited about this. Too bad she slept way more than normal in the daytime yesterday and had a not so great night last night. Dr.W suspects she may have some slight reflux but since she's gaining well, she's not going to take any action right now unless it progresses more.  She said that if she was on formula we could adjust it a bit but since I'm breastfeeding she's just going to leave it be for now. She has her good nights and every so often a not so good one. Here's hoping to a good one tonight so we can test out this no waking thing. Yesterday night I woke her for her feed and for her morning appointment so I'm really curious as to how long she will go without Momma setting the alarm to feed.

Next visit, the two month one: July 25th. This one will be no fun at all. It's the multiple shot one. Not looking forward to that!



  1. Congrats on the great appointment! Hope you're all getting good sleep.

  2. Oh wow, Little Miss Finley looks so adorable! For first-time moms, the adjustment period is hardest during the first few weeks of a baby's life. But don't worry; it will get better in time.

    Chalice Lindgren


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