A growing baby: Dr appt.

Yesteray was Finley's second Doctor appointment, her two week one. (she was actually 10 days)

She had a one week visit last week to monitor for Jaundice since the Doctor at the hospital said she looked a little yellowish. They ended up not even testing again though since the Pediatrician said she looked good and that we'd just check at her two week appointment since they had to draw blood anyways for her standard second neo screen.

Her birth weight was 6lb 4oz.
When we left the hospital she was down to 5lb 14oz...they lose right after birth.

They like for them to get back up to birth weight by their two weeks.

At the pedi appointment on Monday they were very pleased that Finley had almost gained back up to her birth weight at one week! She was at 6lb 2oz, two ounces away.

Now, at 10 days she was at 6lb 3oz . Only one ounce away from her birth weight with four days to go until two weeks ;) They said they were happy with her gain and won't need to see her again until her normal one month visit.

They also did re-test for jaundice after the Pedi said she was sure she was "mildly jaundice" by looking at her. Results came back, no jaundice yet again. She keeps fooling them with her olive skin. lol



  1. finley is soooo cute! i looove her newborn pics. what a doll!

    Sienna wasn't up to her birth weight yet at 2 weeks either. but oh boy did she pack it on the next two weeks!

  2. I'm glad her appointment went well! Sounds like she's definitely giving them a bit of a run for their money with her pretty skin tone! ;-)

    Things going well at home? Is she a good sleeper? =)

    Oh... and I just wanted to tell you how *evil* you are! =P I'm going to go one day overdue with my 2nd child?! AHHHHH! Nooo!!!! Say it ain't so! haha

  3. I'm glad everything went well! We have our first Dr. Appt tomorrow! I'm so nervous to leave the house with him!

  4. Congrats on the good appointment! I've learned so much about the chemistry of jaundice with dealing with it for my little glow worm girl. So glad Finley has avoided it.

  5. Congrats on your beautiful olive-skinned girl! What a treasure!

    In appreciation of your blog, I'm passing the Kreativ Blog award on to you. Details on this post:


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