First "real" bath & Fathers Day!


I thought it was never going to happen but low and behold, Finley's cord stump fell off at almost four weeks old!

In the wee hours of the morning during a half asleep diaper change yesterday I discovered her cord stump in her diaper. What did that mean? Yep. A real bath. Those sponge baths were getting mighty old, I must admit. She was NOT feeling them either.

After Joe's first Fathers Day (spent at work...luckily he has great co-workers who made him feel special) we gave baby girl her bath. She loved it!

Chloe and Duchess, the dogs, were wondering what we were doing to their baby and making sure she was okay.

(click photos to enlarge)

You can't tell from the pictures but she was in total meditation. She just loved it and was really relaxed. She was the same way again for her second bath tonight. Baby girl even closes her eyes and kicks back with one leg out off the infant sling. So cute.

For Fathers Day Finley got her Daddy the cutest lady bug card that was totally "her" :) She even signed it with her own signature, her hand print. She signed Grandpa's this way too. Mommy had a great time getting that done ::sarcasm::. Let's just say there was pink paint on Finley's hand, her face, car seat and shirt! She did not like signing her "signature".  It turned out nice though :) She also got her Daddy some new red and black Puma athletic shoes since he started running again and a pretty framed photo collage from the time following her birth at the hospital and leaving with pictures of our new little family. Mommy also got Daddy a card for being such a great Daddy and she got Grandpa a new mp3 player since his broke. He loves to listen to music while he rides his tractor. Grandpa was extra thoughtful and got Daddy a shirt that says "Worlds Coolest Dad". The day was a success.

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