First Fluffy Bum!

By request ;) Her first Cloth Diaper Fluffy Bum!

Not all of them fit her yet. Only some of the covers do. The Kawaii and Happy Heineys covers are way too big still. Grovia, Flip and Thirsties Duo covers are good though.

None of the one size pockets fit yet. but I expected that.

I've realized I need to get more shirts vs. just onesies to show off her fluffy bums. I tried on the baby legs (leg warmers) but they are still too big.

This is a Grovia OS cover. I would guess she's around the 8+lb range and it fits great. Not sure since her last doctor appointment was at 10 days old so I'm guestimating. We will find out for sure at her one month visit Tomorrow!


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