We're having a baby!

Finley will most likely be here tomorrow!

This morning my OB wanted me back in for my high blood pressure issues. It was really high. She sent me to the hospital for observation. Although it went down a bit laying down, the sitting up numbers are still really concerning. One reading was 160/118. Cervadil tonight to ripen my cervix. Right now we are in the small monitoring room. I'm getting moved to labor and delivery at around ten tonight. Maybe the Cervadil will spontaneously start labor, if not the Pitocin starts tomorrow morning around seven.

The end to all of this is near and we will hopefully be meeting Finley sooner rather than later.

Fingers crossed for an OK labor and avoiding a c-section.

After a cerclage and 16+ weeks bed rest we made it past term and it wasn't even the cervix that did it, but the Blood Pressure!

We are beyond nervous and excited.

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