The cerclage stitch is gone!

That's right. Nothing holding her in now!

Now, I know there are mixed stories on cerclage removal. I've read stories online of horrible pain while others said they barely felt anything. I think it all depends on if the stitch becomes embedded. My OB had a bit of a struggle at first getting it out. It did hurt. It was definitely enough to make me sweat, whine a bit and have to force myself to go to a happy place. Although I am glad I learned that skill after panting and whining "it hurts, oww, oww, can I have a break please?" through the removal of the first stitch. lol.  Yes, I said first. There were two in there! The second was up above the first By the time she got to the second I made a decision that I was going to have to suck it up and breathe through it. I did, without a peep. Then those two circles of what looked like dark green stereo speaker wire were snipped and out. You know, the kind that you have to peel back the plastic to put the metal hair/threads into the back of the old stereos...usually they're red or black.

Before she started she asked if I wanted Joe to get up to hold my hand or stay on the little chair. I figured It would be fast and I could handle it myself. Yeah right. After she started and after my first few deep "I'm in pain breaths" she asked if I wanted him to come over. My reply, "Oh yes, come here". I'd always pictured I'd want my space during labor or when in pain but I guess you never know until the time comes because I 100% wanted his support. He held one hand. Okay, he let me squeeze one arm while he put the other over my head while leaning toward me in an effort to hold me. It really helped having him there rather than just squeezing the table and cringing.  I'm not trying to make removal sound horrible. It definitely could have been much worse. It just wasn't painless in my case. Like I said above though, after I made that decision to breathe through it and not give into the uncomfortable feelings it totally made it better. Joe even asked if the second one was easier than the first. I explained that it was the same and the decision I had made in my mind. Whining and further freaking myself wasn't going to do any good. I've heard about labor meditation and I thought "April, this is nothing compared to what is to come. Practice. Suck it up"....and it helped. Of course this doesn't make me any less nervous about labor now!

Back to the visit. I am up 23 pounds now! The blood pressure check was no good. Higher than ever actually and pretty alarming. Still no protein showing up though. Dr C told me that she would take the stitch out and re-check to "see if she was going to let me leave today". She was thinking about getting Finley out today if it didn't drop! She was right though, after the stitch was out and my nerves were calmed (guess I was pretty nervous), it went down and I was allowed to leave. Not after telling me that she thinks we will have a baby this week! Not sure if she thinks this due to my cervix measurements after removal (Dilated to 1cm, 80% effaced and her head is low at station zero) or due to blood pressure. Call me crazy, or maybe in denial, but I still think we have at least a week left. I'm the only one though. In all honesty, they aren't going to let me go much longer if I get any more blood pressure readings like the ones at the beginning of today's visit. She wanted to see me again in two days but since I have my MFM specialist visit on Wednesday she settle for 3 days away and told me to be sure they check my blood pressure on Wednesday at the MFM too. I have a feeling that if at one of those two appointments this week I get a high reading, the cooking time for Miss Finley might be coming to an end. While I am excited to meet her, I really wanted to make full term, which is Saturday.

Big plus. I am off bed rest! I was told to take it easy though.

After the appointment Joe and I went to a delicious Italian Restaurant downtown and pigged out. It was so good. After all this I was exhausted. We just woke up from a nap and I'm about to devour a Crave cupcake we picked up on the way home this afternoon. I'm feeling good but a little weird. She does feel really low and it makes it harder to move. The thought that there in nothing holding her in now is just...odd to me. Tomorrows plans, lunch with my friend Britney. I fully plan to enjoy myself from now on until she makes her appearance! Getting worn out quickly like today is likely to happen after 16 weeks on bed rest so I'm taking baby steps!

I'll try to keep posting updates and congrats if you made it through all of this post! ;)


  1. Yay!! So glad to hear from you! Jeez, we all on the bump were worried cause we didnt hear from you yet! Im so so happy everything went good. :)

  2. Also checking in from TB... glad everything went well and you had a nice date night with your husband! Fingers crossed that you make it to 37 weeks! But, what a HUGE accomplishment it was to make it safely to today!

  3. WOOHOOO! I still hope you get that week of bedrest free pregnancy fun. Thank you so much for keeping us posted so far. Joe sounds like he was a great support. What a good hubby.

  4. Aw, I'm sorry it was a little painful for you. Isn't it amazing but exhausting being off bedrest? We both made it! Hope you get a good week of freedom before she comes!

  5. Hoping Finley at *least* gives you the weekend, if not longer, girl! Way to go for making it this far!!! And yay for Joe being awesome for you at the appointment today! <3 Just don't go too crazy and make that bp go up any higher. *hugs*

  6. I hope you're getting an epidural!! :)

  7. Thanks y'all! And yes epidural for sure! Never any doubt!

    Its crazy because I'd read stories of removal being really bad from getting imbedded but I really didn't expect it to be like that for me! Not that it wasn't tolerable just pretty uncomfortable. This coming from someone who was a trooper after two past surgeries!

  8. Ugh I was hoping your blog would say the stitch removal was easy and breezy! LOL. Mine comes out this Friday...wish me luck.

    I'm glad you're a free woman you deserve it! I like you hope Finely gets to bake at least until 37 weeks but what's truly important is that you're both healthy. Good luck :)

  9. yay yay yay!! you're going to be holding that beatiful babe soon! there's nothing like it in the world!!!!


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