Some more time to cook

an update to my prior post from this morning and a follow up to the MFM specialist appointment:

Looks as if Finley might have a bit more time too cook. My blood pressure was not as high as that first reading on Monday. Yay! It IS still high though and I do go back to the OB tomorrow.

Last time Finley's abdomen was measuring two weeks behind. This time (a month later) it is three weeks behind. This shows it is still growing, just not really fast BUT since her amniotic fluids are good and the placenta and cord are functioning well they are not concerned. If the placenta, cord of fluids were off they would see it to be more of an issue. Since I am small they just suspect she will be too....

Since there were no red flags with her placenta, cord or fluid levels and my blood pressure did not go up we get more cooking time, for now. I feel much better. Day by day....


  1. I hope you enjoyed your "me" day yesterday! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she keeps on cooking in there and that your blood pressure continues to go down.

  2. I'm glad that you're getting to enjoy a little time to yourself before Finley makes her arrival! I hope you get the full week that you would like. Take it easy and enjoy the last days with just your husband. ;o)

  3. Day by day is such a great attitude to have! This whole experience is exactly that. I know Finley has plans of her own, but I hope she listens to her Momma a little longer and stays put for a few more days. Good luck and keep us posted!

  4. I'm so happy your BP has come down a bit and that there are no further complications with that precious baby! :)


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