My "me" day.

Yesterday I got a fun "me" day. My first official day off bed rest.

I went to lunch with a friend and cruised on over to Old Navy with her to do a little browsing. Only scored one cute summer dress from there. After that we parted ways and I made a trip to a store in the mall for a return of something I ordered online but ended up not liking. I found two more cute dresses, both long maxi, one black and the other dark pink. I also got a pretty turquoise stone necklace to go with the black maxi dress. All three dresses are non-maternity but since they are loose fitting they can be worn now and after pregnancy. No point in buying maternity clothing now. I didn't cruise the mall more since I was starting to get tired after lunch and the two stores, so I headed home.

Some stock photos I found of the dresses. I couldn't locate one for the third but it's a flowing black Maxi with a v-neck and straps. The bottom is similar to the pink one.

After resting for about 30 minutes my Mother-In-Law came and scooped me up to go to our nieces third grade school concert. Afterwards we all went out to dinner.

I got home around nine and was exhausted. After Joe got home from work we watched some DVR'ed Glee. He passed out. I cruised the net and finally got sleepy and fell asleep around 2 am....BIG improvement from the insomnia that's been keeping me up until 5 am every day.

Now, here I sit blogging after waking up at 6 am. Lots on my mind. I really hope the specialist visit goes okay this morning. On Monday my blood pressure wasn't looking so hot and like I said before, at our last growth scan Finley's abdomen started measuring a tad small, possibly due to the elevated blood pressure. I want to say that we will have more time to let things progress naturally but I know that if things don't start looking better they may start talking induction :-( I have the visit this morning at ten and another with my OB tomorrow so we'll know more soon. Fingers crossed that this blood pressure stuff stays calm. Three days away from full term. Obviously we are practically full term now with 37 weeks being so close but it sure would be nice to make it official!

More Dr visit updates to follow...
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