A little scare & some goodies.

Instead of getting into great detail about the draining day I had starting with the OB appointment this morning I'm just going to sum it up and move on.

My Blood Pressure was extremely high. Finley was monitored to make sure it isn't affecting her. She's fine. Then I got blood work drawn to check for pre-e, my platelet count and liver enzymes. I was told an induction could start tonight. Blood work came back fine. She gets to cook for a few more days. I go back on Monday to do the monitoring again and see where we go from there. Since little girl is measuring 3 weeks behind in her abdomen, more cooking and growing time would be great. My cervix is 80% effaced but still only 1cm dilated so an induction is not ideal because Dr C says it could cause stress on me and baby and lead to a c-section :( To be continued on Monday....

Before the OB appt I stopped by Hobby Lobby to get the supplies to make the bow hanger I had been wanting to make. I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Here is Finley's bow, hat and headband collection so far.

(Click for larger view)

Then as I'm walking down an aisle I spot an array of pink that caught my eye. Little did I know I was about to stumble on something that would totally strike my emotional pregnant Momma hormones.

Everything we have been through suddenly flooded through and I knew that this was going home with me for sure. Luckily it was morning time, the store was slow and I was able to avoid other shoppers who would have probably been pretty weirded out by the emotional pregnant girl trying to hide her eyes at Hobby Lobby. After it all, we are almost there.

I also want to share a post that a fellow Bumpie Mama (from a pregnancy message board that I have been on thought my entire pregnancy) wrote in her blog that includes an excerpt about me! These ladies on the June board are all due around the same time and we all bring in different backgrounds and beliefs. They are absolutely awesome, supportive and I consider many of them to be friends. I look forward to the next stage for all of us and know that we will all continue to stay in touch on the board as we raise our babies :)



  1. Love the holder you made! =) I was planning on posting the new (huge) holder I made the other day today, too! =)

    I love all of Finley's hats! I should probably get more for Mila eventually... we don't have very many of those. =/

    As to the Hobby Lobby emotion... I'm right there with you. When I saw the pic in this post, I started to well up a little, because I knew where you were going with that. You've come so far, and have done so much to make sure she is safe and healthy before coming into the world. It's a thing to be admired. It takes so much strength, and I know it's been hard on you.

    I'm glad I've gotten to "meet" you through TB! =) (And all the other ladies too!) I can't wait for us all to start the next part of the journey together. <3

  2. You are so close! I'm glad to hear that she can cook a little longer though. Hopefully things stay nice and calm in there and you will welcome a precious, healthy little miracle into the world when it is time!

    The bow holder you made is absolutely adorable and the emotions.. well, that was totally me through the entire pregnancy! Ups and downs -- I was all over the place! That's okay though.. part of being a parent is being an emotional wreck. You're part of the group :)

  3. I'm so glad she gets to cook a little bit longer. Every day counts! I'm praying for both of you!

  4. We have the same cross in Georgia's room!

    On Monday I was 90% effaced and 1/2 cm dilated. Dr didn't want to induce for the same reasons as yours...my water broke on its own Wed night! Plus I was still 0% dilated when my water broke. I didn't dilate any until I got admitted inthe hospital Things may work out for you on their own! (I posted on our Houston nest board for more details.)

  5. Ali, I want to see this jumbo bow holder!


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