Finley Lynn is here! Birth Story

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new baby girl into the world, Finley Lynn. She came at 37 weeks & 3 days gestation time (Full Term!) after a planned induction due to sky high blood pressure caused by pregnancy. I figured I'd better get this all down before I start mixing up details.

Our little girl was born Tuesday May 24th 2011 at 7:09 am weighing 6lb 4oz. She was 17 3/4 inches long. We were told last Wednesday at a growth ultrasound that she was measuring 5lb 1oz and were pleasantly surprised that the scan was in fact off, which we hoped for and suspected.

How we led up to the big day:
*Dr Appt Monday the 16th (36week2d)- Cerclage stitch removed and finally off bed rest after 16 weeks! Dilated 1cm, 80% effaced and engaged at station 0. Blood pressure looking higher than my already high readings since week 26.
*Dr Appt three days later. Thursday the 19th to monitor the blood pressure and baby (36week5d). Blood pressure was high still. Ran labs. No protein and labs looked OK. No Pre-E. Dodged Induction.
*Dr Appt four days later. Monday the 23rd (37week2d). Blood pressure got way too high. Wheeled to the hospital for monitoring and finally set for induction to start that night.

After carrying Finley through my eventful pregnancy (incompetent cervix/cerclage surgery/ 16+ weeks bedrest/high blood pressure) and making it to full term, it was the high blood pressure that ultimately caused her just over two weeks early arrival. Still, we made it to full term!

I knew that the approaching appointment on Monday could lead to an induction. Dr C even said to bring our hospital bags "just in case". Yep, we were sent on over to the hospital...actually wheeled on over and I was monitored and finally admitted. We sat in the monitoring room all day long, literally ten hours before we were moved to the delivery room to get the process started. I'm thinking Dr C just wanted to keep me down and off my feet rather than let me go home to wait on the induction that night.

We got in the labor and delivery room around 9:30 pm. At ten o-clock I was checked to only be 1cm dilated (I had been for a week, since the cerclage removal). Due to to some scar tissue that the stitch caused I'd need some real labor contractions to progress. A "cervical ripener/softener" called Cervidil was inserted and left to do it's job. I'd read that Cervidil could cause labor on it's own but knew that usually it just preps for an induction where Pitocin is used. The plan was to let the Cervidil work and start Pitocin at six in the morning. At 11:30, an hour and a half later, I started feeling contractions that made me squirm a bit, mostly in my back. I was given some Apple Juice and Popsicle's soon after which made me pretty happy since I hadn't been allowed to eat all afternoon because of the planned induction. Just after Midnight I was given two Ambien to help me get some sleep before the big day. Big mistake.

At around 1:30 my contractions started to get pretty hard. I had one that really freaked me out and woke Joe up to tell him I needed something to help the pain. I called the nurse who told me that "my" nurse was on lunch and would come with some meds in twenty minutes after paging Dr C to get the OK. I agreed that I could wait but really wasn't so sure. I'm literally sitting up in bed, moving around different ways to cope telling Joe "I need help". Then POP. Literally it felt like a balloon pop. I tell Joe "OMG, I think my water just broke". Still not totally sure I move back and feel the bed, yep. I don't think he believed me. I'm not even sure I believed it had really happened. Then came a big contraction just as I picked up the phone to tell the nurse my water broke. I tell her "forget the pain med approval, I need my epidural NOW. I think my water just broke" All of a sudden my nurse appeared with another nurse. I was told to move back and we discovered the puddle. The contractions were pretty hard now. Every time one would end I'd fear the next. Luckily they called the anesthesiologist right away. I kept asking how long he would be. He got there fast. Joe stepped out. I leaned over my belly in pain from these contractions and was given my epidural in my lower back while the nurse held me in front. The numbing shot stung slightly and I didn't even feel the epidural needle go in. Instant relief!! I would say all in all I experienced 6-7 big contractions before my epi. They were right on top of each other. After being checked again, painless this time, I was still only 1.5 cm dilated. This was at around 2:15am. The epi was pure bliss. I felt NO pain. My parents arrived about an hour later "just in case I progressed faster" since I wanted my Mom in the delivery room but we really thought that with me only being 1.5cm dilated that I go on with the Pitocin induction as planned at 6am. I was totally out of it from the Ambien and Joe was exhausted from the long day so my parents went to the cafe while we rested up. The machine was showing hard back to back contractions but I felt nothing.

Sometime around 5'ish the nurse came in to check on me and I guess get ready for the Pitocin induction. She asked if I was feeling anything. Nope. I just said it felt like someone was pressing on my stomach lightly with the tip of their finger. She asked if I felt pressure. Nope. After checking me all craziness broke loose. I was at 9 cm dilated. The room was suddenly full and Dr C was called and on her way. It all happened so fast. The Ambien tiredness did not help. It made me feel "out of it". It all seemed like a whirlwind. We so didn't think things would go so fast. Forget the Pitocin induction, Finley was soon to arrive.

I swear that room was packed...Joe, my Mom, Dr C, nurses and the cord blood bank rep were all present. It felt like a huge party. Guess I caused a stir. lol. After about 20 minutes tops of pushing with absolutely no pain she arrived. I must admit I did a darn good job. Joe cut her cord. At first she cried a bit but then stopped. They showed me our baby girl quickly (over my chest) while roughing her up with a towel to get her to cry. She was not placed directly on me as I had wanted because she needed to immediately get some suction and stimulation to get her air ways cleared and crying. I watched on from across the room not worried at all. I knew she would be fine since she did let out those first few cries. I think she was just a calm baby. Quickly enough she was in my arms :)  I had no idea Dr C had even delivered the placenta while I was watching Finley being cleaned up from across the room.

Joe's Mom arrived. My Dad came in. Everyone got to meet Finley. Our hospital has a standard newborn monitoring period after everyone meets and holds baby. I was able to get a little nap while they did that. I really needed it. Stupid Ambien. My Mom ran my Dad home and Joe and his Mom went to lunch. As soon as Joe got back and I woke up I said "go get my baby"...She was just being released from the screening so it was perfect timing.

Recovery has been great, the nurses even called me super woman. lol.  Finley is doing great and we are loving every minute of her. I'm just eating her up. Even the sleepless nights, and days...I never really believed it would be THIS sleepless but wow is it. She only wants to be held, no crib, no pack n' play.  She is amazing. I just can't stop kissing her. I am also proud to say that breastfeeding is going well. I really worried that I would have trouble since so many women do. It is a ton of work, effort and problem solving but something that was really important to me and so worth it. Being her Mom is the best thing ever and I just love watching Joe be the awesome Daddy he is. He just worships her. I knew he would.

We are home now, busier than I could have imagined and I'm absolutely content ;)

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