Excitement & 36 weeks!

This is what is next to my side of the bed now. Joe set it up a few weeks ago. I just love having it here, looking at it imagining that soon Finley will be in it. That cool little circle thing on the side is a night light to see her. I imagine it will get lots of use ;) It's about a foot from my side of the bed. I can reach my hand in. I love the mesh on the side so that I'll be able to see her through it. It's at the perfect eye level so that when I'm laying down I'll be almost even with her. I asked Joe the other night if he was jealous that it's on my side of the bed because I get to be closer to her. Oddly enough I think he assumes it's better because the closer of us will attend to her. lol. I like it though. I just can't wait. She will sleep in our room at first when she's waking up often in the beginning. I know when it's time for her to go sleep in her room I'll be in there checking up way more than necessary. Not quite sure if that will be after a few weeks or a few months. I guess we'll play it by ear.

Yesterday she had a calmer than normal day movement wise. Today, she's Miss active. I prefer these days.

Not sure if I mentioned it but on the Friday before Mothers day my Mom brought me some delicious chocolate covered strawberries. Joe's Mom got me a cute new shirt to wear after Finley is born, a bracelet and of course a cute outfit for Finley.

The next day she ended up giving us three more really adorable Newborn sized dresses and some bibs. This little lady is good to go in the clothes department. Since we are told she will be small, I'm guessing we'll get maybe 6-8 good weeks use of newborn sized clothes.

The stitch comes out the day after tomorrow. I'll be 36w & 2d. I'm a little nervous. I hear mixed stories. Some say it's a piece of cake while others say it hurt really bad. I think it's just different for everyone. I hope to be one of the ones who don't have the pain obviously. Dr C says that I could go into labor any time after. Even that night. I don't think that is too common though. Give me a week or two more and I'm ready...I know this sounds horrible but If I go to 40 weeks I will die. All this time of fighting to keep her in and worrying, now that she is almost to term I'm ready to see her! One thing is for sure it could be anywhere from 2 to 28 days away! Wow. As long my the blood pressure stays at bay and no protein shows up of course. I want to do all we can to avoid  an induction for now.

So yeah, 36 weeks today. 6 days away from full term, my final goal. This is big. Every milestone that passes I am more amazed that we've made it this far.

Reading back from months ago I sure had hope but also tons of fear. Sometimes cerclages aren't unsuccessful. Preventative ones done earlier on (around 12-14 weeks) are usually more effective than emergency ones like mine that was not put in until 20 weeks, when the problem was discovered. I think of those times from weeks 20-26ish as "dark times". I was consumed with fear. Knowing that she would not even have a chance if she came before week 24. Then that passed and although she would have a chance there would be many risks and possibly long term problems. Now, here we are. I no longer constantly find myself Googling survival rates and long term effects of birth at 24 weeks, 26 weeks, 30 weeks, etc. My OB said we were shooting for 35 weeks on the day the stitch was placed. The MFM specialist said 36w because many 36 weekers get to go home when their Mom's are released. I'm smiling right now knowing that we surpassed both of my doctors goals today. We're on the home stretch.

Enough of my rambling. I realize this post is probably one of my most random ever. I'll be sure to try and post an update after the stitch removal on Monday or possibly on Tuesday. We might be out doing fun stuff on Monday afternoon after the appointment since hopefully I will be off bed rest from then on!



  1. I'm really happy for you and so glad you are so close to your full term goal :) can't wait to see your baby girl!

  2. Yay!!! SO excited for you and Joe!! I really hope Finley gives you at least a week or so off of bedrest, so you can go out and enjoy a few days of the last of the pregnancy, and of you and Joe just being the two of you, before she makes her grand entrance!

  3. Thank you both!

    I hope for a bit of time too! I want to go to the mall, get a massage, get a pedi, have lunch with girlfriends and go to the Zoo with just the two of us for the very last time. I love the Zoo ;)


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