34 week Dr Appt update & I'm FREE in TWO weeks!!

Yes, you read that right. Today at the OB we set my appointment to have the cerclage stitch removed at 36 weeks & 2 days, on the 16th. That is exactly two weeks from today! She said that as long as my blood pressure stays the same I'll be off bed rest at that time! After SIXTEEN weeks! She also said that without that stich it could allow Finley to come that night or very soon after. Basically it's anyones guess. Dr C. said that some women have a little scar tissue after the stitch is removed which sometimes buys them a bit more time. Then there are the others who go into labor very soon following removal. I'm hoping for an extra week or so after it comes out but the thought that she could be here in two weeks is craaazy! At least give me a few days! lol. A lot of family members seem to think that it will happen right away. I on the other hand, feel like we'll be waiting a little longer. We shall see though!

As far as the blood pressure, there was no rise. It's stayed in the same range since 26 weeks (8 weeks ago) when it went up. Dr. C said today that it's still higher than she would like but it's not horrible. I also don't have any protein showing up which would indicate pre-eclampsia, so that's good news. Of course we hope for all to stay like this.

I go to the MFM (specialist) two days after the stitch is removed. He seemed to think he wasn't going to see me again at the last visit when I set up that appointment though. Whats up with that?! Have some faith! I do ;)

That's all for updates tonight!


  1. yay!!! so excited your freedom is in sight! ALL my doctors said i would deliever within a week or two after my cerclage came out.

    and now look....tomorrow is my due date and she's still cooking!!! CANNOT.BELIEVE.IT!

    just a little word of advise - (wish i would have done this). set your perspective that she will come later than sooner (no matter what doc's tell you). i rushed soo much that first week to get everything done - and now i feel, and so does everyone else, that she's wayyy "over due" when really she's not! but everyone asking for WEEKS when she'll be here gets old fast! especially when everyone including us was thinking she was going to be here 37/38ish weeks. it's just so crazy! i never imagined i would make it to this date!

  2. I'm so excited for you! Being off bedrest is the best thing EVER.

    My MFM mentioned that on average, babies tend to come about 10-12 days after removal. But that is just an average. She also told me to have everything ready to go the day off removal just in case. Yikes!

    Seriously though, congrats! You made it!

  3. I'm SO hoping for more time! That is though if they LET me have it with the blood pressure and all. Plus her abdomen growth has started to fall a bit behind and I reallllly hope they don't make her come out because of it :/

    The family that seems to think she'll come out so soon after all know people personally that have had it removed and then BAM, baby came. Of course me being on the Bump thinks otherwise ;)

    Like your Dr Christy, mine said that she's had women open up right away and then others go weeks.

    I just thought it was so funny that she mentioned the scar tissue thing that's happened with you Melissa! She said it that case you need some good true contractions to bear down on it!

    Crazy thing is that we are totally ready for baby so the only thing I'll be doing is buying stuff that is totally unnecessary and shopping for post baby clothes. I'm thinking maybe my house could use some re-decorating in the living room. LOL

  4. Congratulations! I'm so glad you've made it this far!!

  5. Woooooo! I hope Finley gives you a few days of freedom, at least!, before she makes her appearance!

  6. That's awesome news! Congrats on making it this far! Hope the next few weeks go well :)

  7. yay yay yay yay yay! Just 2 more weeks! I am so proud of you.


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