Specialist visit/ My Birthday/ Talk of cerclage stitch removal!

Today was an eventful day. I turned 26 years old and we had our monthly visit with the MFM Specialist.

Since I didn't share any photos in my last 32 week post, here are some from today- 32weeks & 4days.

Finley is measuring good in the 35th percentile. Last visit she was in the 36th so it's good that she's staying in the same range. Only thing a bit behind now is her abdomen which they suspect is because I'm small and will probably have a smaller baby. Dr. R said that if we make it to 38 weeks (which he hopes for) she will be just barely over 7lbs going by today's measurements. Everything else is measuring spot on or ahead. No pictures though! She is way down there, still head down and not cooperating one bit for any face shots. Little Miss Shy. They tried so hard but it wasn't going to happen. Placenta looks great and shows no signs of deteoration etc, which can sometimes pose a problem with higher blood pressure moms.

Also, no new cervix measurements. We are done with those until 36 weeks when I start the standard exams. Last measurement four weeks ago was 2cm. I'm guessing it's probably shortened more since then but they aren't really concerned with that anymore this far along.

Dr. C, my OB wanted me to ask Dr. R, the specialist when he thinks the stitch should come out. He recommended 34-36 weeks. His reasoning being that the farther along a pregnancy progresses, cervical changes and contractions can start to occur and cause damage or tearing from the stitch, which he wants to avoid. While the stitch can prolong pregnancy, he feels that at this time the risk of cervix damage isn't as worth it. Eeeeeek. Thirty four weeks is only TEN days away! I go to my OB, Dr. C again the Monday after next (just after 34 weeks) to get the final decision on what she wants to do with his recommendation. I'm predicting she'll decide on the later and schedule for the next visit at 36 weeks. I actually like that idea just in case Finley should decide to come right after removal. So, at the very latest removal is about 3 1/2 weeks away. Wow. Then she's free to come...but like I said, I hope for a week or two more cooking time after that.

Almost forgot - she has hair! We could see it on the ultrasound! Pretty cool because I was a total bald baby!

Today Joe took off from work since it was my Birthday and he takes me to doctor visits. With news of the time nearing, he set up the Pack N Play next to our bed and the Starlight Papasan swing in our Living Room. I love both of them. I was able to snap a few photos from the couch.

Tonight we went to dinner down the street from our house with my Mother In Law, Sister In Law, Niece and Nephew. They sang and plopped a big sombrero on my head. Pretty sure there may be a photo. Now, I need some much needed bed time to make up for breaking the rules because I can definitely feel the toll it took. I know, I know - but it was my birthday and I'm totally going to make up for it.

That's it for updates today! I'm exhausted and hope to get some good sleep tonight, sans the insomnia...


  1. Happy birthday again!! I have the same swing and absolutely LOVE it. You are doing so well. My SIL was put on bedrest but only for little over a week and I recommended your blog.

  2. Oh goodness,... 3.5 weeks, and she may be here! Oh!! Hang in there, girly. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Finley (and your cervix!) cooperate and keep her in there just a little longer, so she can bake some more! Crazy to think that it's so close! This may be my second, but for me, it feels like the first time all over. (I have no idea why?)

    And I added my "happy birthday" on TB yesterday, but not sure if you saw it... so I'll add another one here, belatedly! =) Happy Birthday sweetheart. While against the "rules," I'm glad you got to get out for a little while and do something other than just a dr. appointment. =)

  3. Thanks ladies. We are all gettiing so close!

  4. Happy Birthday April! You look so great!

  5. Talk about a cute belly, I love that dress! I'm so glad you got to break a few rules and get out to celebrate for your birthday! :)

  6. Thought it would be easier to respond on here since I don't have your email addy. LOL

    So far I am really liking Water for Elephants. I am hoping to really dive into it today. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is getting to be a bit of a rough read. You are right, it is a hard to just sit and concentrate on it but, I am hoping to geta lot more of that finished this weekend too.

    Freddy thinks I am completely wacked out of mind for the sleep laughing. He just doesn't get it lol.

  7. You are the cutest Pregnant lady! You are ALL baby! So jealous!


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