OB visit today!

This afternoon was my 32 week visit with the OB. I go every two weeks and every four to the MFM (specialist). My Mom took me to this one today.

Dr and I discussed that after my visit with the MFM this coming Wednesday I should only have one more visit with him left at 36 weeks and that's it. She said that if all goes well at the 36w appointment I "should be dancing"...meaning possibly getting off bed rest come 36 weeks! FOUR weeks away!

Of course she suspects Finley might come very soon after taking the stitch out at 37 weeks. That would give me a week or so to be a normal pregnant person, maybe more! This is all totally dependant on my Blood Pressure staying stable. It's still high right now...BUT it hasn't rose any since it went up to this at 26 weeks and there's still no protein. She did say that could keep me in bed and we'll play that part by ear. If it stays the same for another four weeks though I know I'll get more freedom!

Woo Hoo. Stay down blood pressure! She said that Finley is doing great and that she's not worried about us anymore. That we are just coasting now. Even saying that I'm measuring at 33 weeks and if she were to come now, she would be just fine other than having to stay in the hospital for a while. Of course we don't want that. I have faith she will stay put until the stitch comes out and be able to come home from the hospital with us!

If I started getting contractions after the stitch is out and Finley looks to be coming, Dr C said she would not stop it from happening!

On the way home my Mom took me to grab some lunch! Shhhhhhhh. I know, I know. It was delish. We were fast and I'm back in bed now :) The waitress even asked me how far along I am and told me I looked cute. I've totally missed out on being "noticed" like that  :-/

Pretty sad that I am actually looking forward to my MFM visit on Wednesday. It's my Birthday too so it will be cool to get out of the house, even if it is just for a Dr's visit. Joe got off to take me and spend the day with me. Hopefully that visit is just as good as this one and we get some good pictures of Finley!



  1. Glad your Dr. visit went well! Hoping you can get off of bedrest for a little while!

  2. I love reading your updates! They always put me in such a great mood. I know your success story gives many others hope including myself. Horrible situations can have happy endings! I also want to thank you for your post. Your kind words mean so much!!!

    Here's hoping your stint in the bedrest club will soon be over!

  3. yay girl! soo excited for you... and look at me 38 weeks and 11 days post cerclage removal! and she's STILL in there! never even imagined it!!!

  4. Congrats on the great appointment!

  5. So happy to hear that Miss Finley is doing so great in there! Amazing news and a well deserved lunch out :)


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