Cloth Diaper Stash!

I was done with the stash. Then the deals, oh the sales... I've decided to cut myself off until after she's here.

Even then, she may be set. Come on willpower. Here's what I've ordered.

We will have to wait for Finley to grow into her cloth diapers at around 10+ lbs. I hear some fit at 8 lbs though. We aren't doing a newborn stash. Then we can add to the stash if needed when we see what we prefer using. This is enough for 32 changes before we'll need to do laundry, washing about every two and 1/2 days with some slack. When she gets a little older, maybe three+ days. Expecially if we do add to the stash.

The plan is to do a mix of prefolds+covers and also Pockets. This way when Joe is on diaper duty, were out in public or when we just want an easier change we can use the pockets. The PF's will be for when her and I are home primarily. I just don't see Joe figuring out a pre-fold. The pockets are just as easy as a disposable.

*If you just don't get cloth diapering or think it's just odd check out this recent post I did on it.*

-17 Prefolds with 2 snappis
-9 covers yea I went a little crazy but the four Duos won't fit forever.
-15 pockets

*2 "wet bags". These lock in moisture/smell. To put in our diaper bags for changes on the go. (pictured with diapers down below)

*Kanga Care/Rumparoos washable diaper pail liner with step trash can to use as the pail and some Rockin Green detergent. I grabbed some Calgon water softener as well since our water is pretty hard. We will keep the pail in the garage right outside the laundry room door.

*hanging rack to air dry her diapers (and other clothes too)

All of our pockets and covers are One Size adjustables, excluding the few Thirsties Duo Covers that come in two sizes. I really don't mind using some disposables until she grows into cloth but don't want to have to wait forever which I hear is the case with some larger OS's. The main thing was avoiding buying a newborn stash that she would soon grow out of. I wanted to buy all stuff that would last us.

1 Kawaii
4 Thirsties Duo Wraps Sz. 1 (hopefully we'll be able to use these a bit sooner)
1 Ecobum with insert
1 Flip
1 Happy Heiny
1 GroVia (I've seen these on newer babies and they look small too so we'll see)

Pockets-all one size...
4 Bum Genius 4.0's, snaps
5 Sun Babys
3 Rumparooz (heard they run smaller than most OS's-hope use them a bit earlier too, like the Duo covers )
1 Tweedlebugs
1 Kawaii prints-crossover snap
1 Coolababy- ebay brand (I've read good reviews & decided why not try. Can't beat the price)

~All of our Prefolds are infant sized. The ones with the green stitching, similar to the yellow stitch from GMD. Later on we will have to get the next size up but prefolds are really cheap.


The stash minus 3 pockets still in route...
(Click picture for a larger view)

Can ya' tell I like variety?
They are all SO cute. I really did try to buy some neutral colors/prints since cloth diapers can be used for the second baby too (if we were to have a boy next) but couldn't resist a lot of the cutesy girly prints. CD's have a good resale value so if we need to change to neutrals later on it's no big deal. Here are some of the recent arrivals....her dresser drawers are filling up!


  1. So, if this makes you feel any "less bad" about buying so many...in TWO books that I'm reading, they both say that you need FORTY in your stash! So you're doing pretty well!

  2. oh wow. That's a lot. Most sites just say enough for 12 changes a day for younger babies. So if you want to wash every two days have at least 24. I guess I am being good! SO FAR. I said I'm "trying" to stop. lol

  3. So cute!! Your stash looks awesome! I have 24 pocket OS diapers, but I didn't want variety. I know some people say that you should wait to see what fits your baby, but I was looking for the easiest solution for DH and I. Cloth Diapering is very unheard of from where I am from. We always get negative comments when we tell people it is our plan, so we just keep it to ourselves now.

  4. I bet we end up adding more BG's to our stash too! I hear people really like them! Hopefully we like the Sun Babys too because they're so cheap. lol

    I totally understand you not mentioning it anymore. We've gotten some of that too even being a suburb of a bigger city. I know two other families in real life that use them. Luckily our smaller town area has a cute Childrens boutique that just started having CD meetings to learn more, discuss and troubleshoot. They also sell Fuzzibunz and offer a coupon for going to the meetings. I was so excited when I found this out because hopefully it will make it not so out of the norm in this area and get rid of some of the misconceptions. Before, the nearest CD selling store was about an hour or so away, into the city...so my stash is all from online stores.

    Luckily our Mom's are on board. This was important to me because they will be watching her every so often. My Mom's view on it was important to me. After asking her she was apprehensive because she had used the "old ones" on her little sister but once I showed her all the new stuff she thought it was all pretty cool and said they were really cute. lol. My Mom even stuck up for it when someone commented on "how hard it's going to be" saying that is's just an extra load of laundry! lol

  5. I love it!! I love lots of different kinds! We have a newborn stash because I was being bad!! =) Your diapers looks so much cuter than mine though, girl colors are so stinking adorable!!


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