30 Week Doctor Visit

I was dreading going. After my blood pressure check at the OB last time I've been worried about it going up or spilling protein. Good news - It's hasn't risen and no protein at this point! Buying time! It's still high but no increase in the past four weeks! This makes me really happy.

I also mentioned that Finley seemed to be a little lazy lately, I thought. She moves a lot just not as twitchy. I've read that this can happen as the baby becomes more coordinated with smoother movements. She wanted to be sure Finley wasn't under any stress and hooked me up to the monitor for 30 minutes. Little Miss is doing just fine moving around like crazy with her heart rates fluctuating great.

I asked how long she thought we'd go and she said hopefully until my stitch comes out at 36 or 37 weeks. Meee too! She also asked which pediatrician we picked out and was super surprised when the one we told her happened to be a friend of hers. She spoke highly of her which makes me happy. I suspect that would have been who we were recommended to anyways. Oh and we were also asked if we wanted to donate the cord blood to MD Anderson and I opted in. Since we chose not to bank, I'm really happy that we get the chance to donate.

I gained SIX pounds this month! Eeeek. My Dr said this is fine since I wasn't gaining much before. It still only puts me at 11 total. They say smaller women are supposed to gain more in pregnancy but my plan it not to go crazy. I'm happy with my progression right now.


After the appointment we stopped for food. I got a delish burrito from Freebirds. Joe, a burger from Five Guys. My OB's office is over by Reliant Stadium so it was fun seeing all the hustle and bustle of the streets  full of people heading to the Final Four game. There were t-shirt stands and scalpers everywhere! When I have good Dr visits it's really a treat to get out of the house!

This morning Joe also picked up the stroller and snap n' go that I ordered. I decided doing both was the best bet for us since I really didn't want a bulky/heavy travel system. Buying a stroller with an infant seat converter attachment is about the same price as a super light weight snap n' go in itself, which will fit in my truck easily and is much lighter than a stroller. I know I'll be thanking myself every time I unload it. The stroller for later on or when we don't want her in the infant carrier is really light too. I love it. Joe isn't in love with the color but he'll get used to it. I like that it's unisex and I think the orange is cute! I've tried to go unisex with most of the bigger items. It had the really good reviews on Amazon.com among all the light weight strollers and all the features I was looking for. I really didn't feel a need for a jogging stroller in our lifestyle.

This isn't our car seat in there, just an example.

Now, we're just counting down the days until Saturday when my Mom comes over to paint the nursery stripes and it's totally finished! I'll post pics right away!


  1. What snap n go is this one? we JUST did a huge BRU trip last night and they didn't have the one i registerd for OR our carseat in stock! (go figure the two things we NEED). oh...and what carseat did you get? does it "fit" good in it?

    PS: i can't believe your 30 weeks now!! doesn't it feel "good"?

  2. It's the kolcraft snap n go. They have it on Amazon but Walmart site to store was cheaper right now. Like 51. We did the Graco ally carseat from amazon. Love it!

  3. thanks! i'll look into it! we are doing the chicco limonata - so i'll see if it's "compatable" with it! thanks for the tip!

  4. Yay for 30 weeks! Only 6-7 weeks to go! Ahh!!! Sending sticky, cooking vibes your way so that she stays and cooks as long as possible! I'm glad you had a good day out, too. I know bedrest has been driving you BSC! (It would do the same to me, too!)


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