Hospital Visit Last Night

I mentioned my blood pressure going up in my last post. My doctor said to keep an eye out for headaches, swelling, visual disturbances or chest pain. This could indicate Preeclampsia or HELLP, both very serious. It's basically when the placenta causes a rise in blood pressure (which I have), protein in the urine (none at the doctor appt on Tuesday) and with other symptoms, liver problems. The only cure is delivery. It's not something to take lightly and can be life threatening.

With my blood pressure on the rise, I was paranoid. I was having a slight ache in my chest all yesterday afternoon that would come and go but tried to ignore it hoping it would subside. When Joe got home at around 10:30 he made me some lasagna with garlic bread and marinara. Then we watched our shows. Around midnight he fell asleep. The chest aches were still there. Joe even commented that I was breathing a little hard. I blew it off and played it down. Afterall, it was just a dull ache. Then, it got worse and constant. It wasn't going away and was more of a tight feeling. Right in the upper part of my chest, under the bra line and to the right a little. Any upper chest pain, especially to the right during pregnancy should not be ignored...especially with high BP. After waiting about 15 minutes it still remained. I went to Finley's room with my phone and called the nurse. Once I told her my symptoms and she asked a few questions she told me to call 911! Talk about blood pressure rising! I politely told her I was not going to call an ambulance. That I have had this on and off all day and that I think I will be fine making it to the hospital. We got off the phone.

I went into the room a little after one and woke Joe up. I didn't want to scare him but was very upset. I told him that I was having some chest pain and that we needed to go to the hospital. He jumped up and off we went. I cried on the way and finally told him the details of pre-e and HELLP. I hadn't before but he needed to know, just in case. I told him that 27 (almost 28) week babies can do fine with a long stay in the NICU. I was put in a room very quickly and initially my BP was reading high. Not as high as it was in the doctor's office two days prior, luckily. When I told the nurse what it had been she was shocked. She did say it was still high but not as alarmingly high as it was before. I rested on my side, calmed down and it dropped a bit as she asked me questions. The basic ones;  history, etc. Finley's heart rate was awesome. She had no signs of distress and was jumping all over bumping the belly probes. I loved laying there watching her heartbeat move all around and hearing her bump the machine when she would move.

After consulting with the labor and delivery doctor, the nurse gave me a Pepcid, hoping it would possibly cure the chest pain. She did a blood draw to check my liver enzymes, platelets and also checked for protein. They hoped that it was just heartburn or indigestion. I asked her if the numbers were to be elevated what would happen. She said the only cure would be delivery, which I knew. She also told me that this is "nothing to mess with". I was reasurred with our choice to come in and be checked. It was a long hour wait for the lab results. Joe and I "watched TV"...and we talked. I mainly watched and listened to Finley's heartbeat on the monitor. Joe walked over to look at the baby cart at the other side of the room that holds them after they are born, along with the tiny little hat and diaper in it. I knew that Finley wouldn't get to go in that if she were to come now. She would be rushed out. It made me sad. Seeing her heart monitor made me know how well she was doing and I was so scared of having to rip her from her healthy growing spot too soon. Joe said that she would be OK if she came now, trying to convince himself too. I told him that I wanted her to come home with us, not stay in the hospital.

I thought that the chest tightness and ache might be lessening but considered that it could be wishful thinking. We even considered the tomato sauce did it.

As soon as the door opened it was the nurse, not a doctor. I took this as a good sign. I got so nervous but luckily she didn't make us wait "results are good". Siiiiigh. "Oh thank God". I think I actually thanked her. No protein, no elevated liver enzymes, platelets good. Relief.

The nurse informed me that I am destined to be on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy and that it's too early for me to be having "this junk already" (the high BP) and told me for signs to look for, which I already knew. I am not out of the woods for pre-e but at this time it's just hypertension! I'll be monitored by my doctor to be sure I don't start spilling protein. More time for Finley to cook.

On the way home we decided that it must have been the tomato sauce causing the chest pain. I guess I'm going to have the joyous pregnancy symptom of heartburn. It was not fun. In fact, it still wasn't gone and still comes and goes even now. Difference is that now I know my liver is fine! I feel like I can rest a little easier, which I am sure helps with the blood pressure. It's obvious I was really stressing after my appointment on Tuesday. I'm happy with our choice to go in for the reassurance. Risking our baby and myself just isn't worth it.

I'm back to my normal bed rest but breathing easier for sure.


  1. Oh my goodness! I am so glad that you and Finley are doing ok for now. Keep cooking that baby. And you're def in my prayers girl.

  2. So glad everything came back good. You're in my prayers!

  3. Goodness! How scary!

    I too could't do any tomato sauce or anything that had it in there.

  4. thank ladies. I feel much better after the blood work honestly.

    I'll be getting some Pepcid.

  5. I am so glad that you get at least a few more weeks. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry that you are not having an easy pregnancy. HUGS.


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