Update on the MFM appt today.

I feel like it's mostly pretty good news. Nothing bad. Holding stable. Finley is measuring 28weeks 5days. Three days ahead. She's the 36th percentile. She's is now 2.8 pounds. She was so funny on the scan opening her mouth super wide to take big gulps of fluid. He also said that her lungs are forming nicely and all her organs were functioning great. We can't ever seem to get good pictures of her though! She moves a lot. Hopefully at the next visit in four weeks we will get a good one.
Cervix went from 2.3cm down to 2cm. Not the best thing that could happen but can be expected sometimes around this time with getting further along and the weight of the baby. They said her head was directly down on it and pushing so they were not concerned at all with the bit of shortening. It's still holding up with the stitch. I'm pretty sure she's down for good now since she was at our last scan too. I have been seeing kicks that I guessed were a knee and they confirmed that I am probably right from her positioning right now.
My blood pressure is holding stable. My "sitting up" reading was actually not as high as it was last week, which was really high. I mentioned I was really nervous about the check last week so that could have had something to do with it since two days later at the hospital it was a little better. He checked it two times today. One the first check he was ready to call my OB to tell her I needed to be put on blood pressure meds. Next check it went down (I know it's white coat syndrome!). He said we'd hold off a while on the meds and for me to get a home monitor to check it 3x a day myself.. I'm really glad it went down a bit. Still high but not crazy. With the rise over the past two weeks I was worried but the fact that it's holding stable for now is good.
MFM said we are shooting for 36 weeks. If that's the case looks like we might have a baby in about 8 weeks. Hopefully NO sooner! I am happy with the stability of the visit and her growth :)
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