Starting two week appts now.

Today was my monthly OB visit. All was good with Finley. Her heartbeat was in the 150's range and going strong. My Doctor happy with the way things have progressed and with the charts she got in from the specialist on my cervix thickness of 2.3cm. She was also pleased that there hasn't been any contractions besides the occasional Braxton Hicks.

Upon checking my blood pressure twice it appeared a little high (not good in pregnancy). I had just walked from the parking garage, down some stairs, onto the elevator and into her office after being on bed rest for five weeks. Not to mention the tad bit of stress I was feeling over the weekend, shown in my prior entry. She had me lay down and turn onto my side while she checked again. It dropped drastically to a very safe and low range. She said that was more like it. I am guessing if protein showed up in my urine sample it would have been more of an issue...She said that since I am already on bed rest to just stay put and relax since it was in a great range when I was laying down. I hoped to be able to gain some activity in the mid 30's (weeks) when the cervix problems wouldn't be as big of an issue, so blood pressure stay down!

In two weeks I go back for the routine gestational diabetes testing that is normally done around that time, 28 weeks. I will go in early in the morning after fasting the prior night starting at midnight, drink a sugary drink that they give me, wait an hour and have blood drawn to have the glucose level tested. Fingers crossed that I pass. I hear that failing the one hour is somewhat common and I really don't want to fail to have to go on and do the three hour test.

I'm guessing she will want to follow up on my blood pressure during that visit to make sure it hasn't risen any more and that it has stabilized bit from what she read today. I will be starting the schedule of going in every two weeks. This is normal starting at 30 weeks but since I need the glucose test at 28 it will start then. I am sure she also wants to do this to keep up with monitoring my blood pressure. I really hope it stays in an "okay" range because I don't need any more complications on top of my cervix problems.

All in all it was an eventful day. My awesome Mother in Law took me to the appointment and cleaned my whole house afterwards! Woo hoo! Joe must have known that I was getting stressed about the yard work, or maybe he was too because he did it all yesterday...ripped up dead flowers and planted new pretty ones, re-mulched, weeded, edged mowed and used week killer. My house looks awesome again and that is such a relief to me :)

Oh and in more exciting news I ordered a new video camera last night. Thanks Amazon Mom for the free two day shipping and no tax. We needed a new smaller one for when Finley gets here and my parents has gifted us cash for our Anniversary back in January. We knew what the perfect use for it would be but when my complications arose we got side tracked. I am so glad I finally found the one we wanted after all my research. It should be here tomorrow!


  1. How are you feeling? I hope the slight depression from bedrest isn't getting to you too much. I am glad Finley is doing great. Only a few more weeks.

  2. I'm good for the most part. Every so often I'll get stressed but am pretty up beat most of the time luckily. Last weekend just sucked all at once :/
    It's been a pretty good week though. Thanks so much for asking.


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