Nursery is almost done!

Nope, no pictures! I vowed to wait until it's complete.

After the shower my Mom and her friend Tyra came over and put everything away for me. Then I put in a big order for some of the necessities that we still needed to add to fill in the gaps, smaller stuff (bottle rack, thermometer, saline, changing pad cover, pacis, additional swaddle blankets, burp rags etc).

I also ordered her stroller, car seat, extra base and snap & go. They were gifts from my parents but they wanted us to pick them out ourselves.

Back to the nursery - Joe painted yesterday! All of it. This was not planned and a spur of the moment thing. My Mom was actually going to take on the whole task. Now, all we have left as far as paint are the stripes. My Mom is coming over next weekend to do those. I know it's going to be a big task but she's ready to take it on and they are going to look so cute. Here are the colors. All the walls will be the lighter color. Only one wall will be striped.

Also,  Joe's Dad hung the white chandelier the other night. It looks great with the pink walls.

Everything else is all set up. Only thing left after the stripes is to hang her mirror and to put up the name letters above her crib. Oh, and the closet needs some organizing. I cannot believe it's all almost done and there's nothing left to buy. What am I going to do with my bed rest time now!? I guess you can say I "nested from bed.


  1. I am so jealous that you're almost done! I can't wait to see pictures of the finished product!

  2. Great colors and congrats on your baby!!

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