Up's & Downs

I find that with this pregnancy every day is either an up (uneventful) or a down.

Yesterday was a down.

After feeling really good and "normal" for a few days I started having contractions yesterday afternoon. I thought it could be due to not drinking enough water so I downed two big glasses. Within an hour the contractions were calmed. I don't think I got any for a whole three hours after that. I did start to get lower back pain though. This worried me. I get it sometimes from the bed rest but this seemed a little stronger. I know sometimes back pain can mean contractions so I made a call to my Doctor. By this time the office was already closed but she seemed to think that since the contractions had subsided with water that the back pain was most likely from the bed rest. She told me to take a warm bath and some Tylenol which did help some. She still wanted me in this morning to hook me up to the contraction monitor to be sure there were no contractions at regular intervals that would indicate preterm labor. This morning we woke up bright and early to head to her office.....feeling good, back ache almost completely gone. I did get two light contractions before the appointment.

Once hooked up to the machine nothing big registered. A few little waves that she referred to as an "irritable uterus", mostly when Finley would move showed up. After taking the machine off she was measuring fundal height (Finley is measuring ahead at 24 weeks!) and my stomach started to tighten. I pointed it out and she agreed after seeing and feeling that it was definitely a contraction. Obviously not much of a concern though because nothing big registered for the whole 20 minutes I was on the monitor. Preterm labor contractions would be at regular time intervals. It seemed to have started when Finely was moving a lot and most likely irritated it. She just basically said that I do have an irritable uterus and that as long as it was not bothering my cerclage stitch (a sign would be spotting) then I should just get back home and into bed, keep very hydrated and keep up with my Pracordia pills. If at any time anything changes, the contractions become regular or I have more than five in one hour then I am to call. Braxton Hicks it is. The main concern is just keeping down so that the contractions do not affect my cervix or the stitch.

Makes me feel better that I got it checked out. I hope to have many more good days like today and not so many like yesterday. I think being on bed rest gives you too much time to analyze every little thing. I may be a compulsive worry wart but at least I'm better safe than sorry ;)


  1. I'm glad everything is OK! I had a scare today too...emergency ultrasound. = ( Fortunatey everything is ok, but it really stinks to have to be worried all the time!

  2. oh i totally "hear ya" about "being on bedrest makes you analyze every single thing". i too had lower back pain yesterday that i haven't had before. AND was having a contraction every time i changed positions last night. luckily this morning i found out it was all caused by my constipation. sheesh!

  3. Glad you are okay. It is always best to call the doctor. You just never know. Just listen to your body. You know your body the best. :-)

  4. i'm sorry you're dealing with this :( hopefully you'll feel better soon.

  5. Feel better, sweetheart! I'm sorry the bedrest is giving you so much trouble. =( But I'm glad you and Finley are doing ok, in the bigger scheme of things.


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