Surgery follow up appt was today.

Today was the cerclage surgery follow up appointment with my Regular OB. The one with the specialist is on the 11th. That's when they will actually get a new measurement on my cervix and see how the stitch and bed rest are helping.

It was pretty un-eventful. She asked questions about how I am feeling, measured my fundal height (size of my uterus) and checked Finley's heartbeat with the doppler, although I know she is fine judging from her kicks :) I am measuring perfectly at 22 weeks. I guess she didn't want to check the stitches and irritate my cervix since I will be seeing the Peri in about a week? Shes weaning me off the Pracordia (for contractions) from every six hours to every eight hours to see how that goes since hopefully my uterus is calming down now after the surgery. It was nice to get out of the house and grab some Panera on the way home ;) I even made Joe drive around the block to see new houses being built, lol.

Now I am back to the bed watching some crazy Divorce Court. Joe goes back to work tomorrow after being off for the past two days. Booo. It will be my first day home alone since having the surgery last Thursday.


  1. Awh I'm so sorry for all the craziness april. But I am glad to hear everything seems to be going as well as can be expected now. Let me know if you need anything, although I know that's highly unlikely with such great parents and an amazing husband by your side. :)

  2. Thanks Rachel. My Mom, Dad, Joe and his Mom have been pretty great!

  3. Hey April, This is Brandy from TB. Just wanted to say my husband and I are praying that you and Finley have a healthy 19ish more weeks- yay June! Good luck, and I'm glad your appt went well!

  4. Thanks so much Brandy! I really appreciate it.


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