Pregnancy Survey | 21 Weeks 3 Days

*When is your due date?
June, 11 2011

*Are you going earlier than due date? if so when and at how many weeks?
Doctor wants to shoot for 35 weeks. I want as long as we can get. Cook Finley cook!

*What week are you in?
21w 3d

*What was your weight pre-pregnancy?

*What is your current weight?
118, lost a few in the first tri and then gained them back plus one.

*Have you had an ultrasound? If so how many?
Three in the beginning. One at NT Scan, One at Anatomy Scan, then the dreaded cervix check by the specialist. So SIX...we have another on the 9th. Now that I am high risk I anticipate more :/

*Do you know the gender of your baby? Or a good guess?
She is 100% a girl. We did the gender blood DNA test at 12 weeks and had it verified in the past two ultrasounds.

*Is the child being named after someone?
Nope. Her middle name is the same as mine, my Moms, all of my aunts and a few of the other girl cousins in my family though.

*Who is going to be with you during delivery?
Joe and my Mom will be in the room.

*Natural or Medicated childbirth?

*How are you feeling right about now?
At this point in the pregnancy? Happy that I'm feeling pretty good after the cerclage. Hopeful that everything looks A-okay at the Doctor on Wednesday for the surgery follow up and that the contractions continue to stay at bay. A little out of control, which I hate.

*What was the first thing you bought for baby?
I bought her a onesie first. My Mom actually bought the first baby item though...a Coach diaper bag.

*Do you feel you are ready to have a baby?
Not for the next ohhhhh.....16 weeks. After that very much!

*Are you excited or scared about delivery?
I am excited about it, to happen at a safe time of course. I always thought I would be scared but really am not. At least not right now. 

*Any food cravings?
I'm loving Strawberries.

*Anything you loved before that you absolutely cannot eat anymore?
I used to eat Popcorn often but now can do without.

*How old are you & is this your 1st baby?
25. I will be 26 when she comes hopefully! This is my first.

*Will you be getting a 3D/4D Ultrasound?
Joe absolutely wanted one. Now with the complication we will be getting many more ultrasounds pretty often so probably not.

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