Check up with the specialist was today.

Tomorrow we are 23 weeks!!

Today was a little over 2 weeks post cerclage surgery.
It was a good appointment I think. I'll take it.

My Mother in Law was able to take me today and got to see the baby on the ultrasound for just a second. Finley was so active right before the appointment but then fell asleep as soon as we got to the office! So no active baby on the screen.

Nothing has changed which means NO more shortening! Cerclage is holding well despite the Braxton Hicks contraction episodes I had. I was worried they were messing with the stitch or thinning me but nope...

It was at 2.1cm thick before surgery (with pressure a 1.5)

Now it's 2.1cm thick (with pressure 1.7)

I'll take it...no thickening really but at least no shortening. Here's wishing for continued un- eventfulness.

Finley is now weighing 1.4 lbs and in the 41 percentile which the doctor said is perfect.

She wants to see me for measurements every two weeks which will be nice and reassuring to know whats going on.

Looks like the bed rest and stitch are doing their job. On to continued laziness and baby baking ;)


  1. SO happy to hear you had a good appointment today. What does the pressure measurement indicate? I've never heard of that before. I hope it continues to improve!!

  2. thanks! By pressure she just pressed down somewhat firm which puts pressure on it to go thinner.

  3. Excellent news! So will you be on bed rest the rest of your pregnancy?

  4. Thanks! Maybe not the rest but I am guessing it will get a little more leniant once we get up into the safer times of 32-33 weeks and up...We will see...


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