Bi-weekly Specialist Visit & Some Baby Prepping.

Yesterday we had an appointment with the high risk specialist. This was our first visit with a new one closer to home. Since we we're new to the office, they did another full anatomy scan on Finley. The tech was awesome. He went over every single aspect (heart and all the vessels, kidneys, brain, bladder, umbilical cord, fluid, etc) he explained why everything looked great on her and what would indicate a problem. I loved this. Lots of looking at Finley kicking around.

Oh, and they confirmed for the fourth time, yes...the fourth, that she is still a "she". lol...

She weighs 1.8 lbs at 24 weeks 3 days.

Joe says this picture is blurry but I like it because her little hand is up by her face ;)

My cervix measured 2.3cm! Definitely an improvement from two weeks ago when it was 2.1 cm, with pressure on my abdomen 1.7cm. They do several measurements and I will say that on one of them he even mentioned the number 2.5! I'm just going to go with the smallest of 2.3 for reference though. I of course mentioned "bed rest still?" and he replied "yeees". I knew that and really wouldn't push it anyways because I know any weight on a short cervix/cerclage stitch this early on is no good. What we are doing now is working so why mess with it. 2.3 still isn't the longest cervix and by no means a "normal size" but it isn't horrible either. I was just happy to be edging farther away from those 1's. I am aware that over the next few weeks there will be added weight down there and am hopeful that all stays strong even with that extra baby weight she is putting on.

He said that Finley was head down and pressing right on my bladder and cervix but that she most likely moves all over the place as of now. Yep, this morning she was right back up under my belly button. The whole bladder pressure thing contributes to the whole having to pee all the time thing!

I was very happy yesterday afternoon after getting all of the good news about Finley and my cervix holding up.

Then, last night my Dad came by and helped Joe move the elliptical out of Finley's room to the new workout area in the garage. This was the last thing holding us back from making it a baby room. Joe went over the carpet with the steam cleaner because we knew that with the room being empty this was the best time. The room had barely been used in our 11 months in this house but I wanted it nice and "fresh" :) Then he set up the crib. It looks so pretty with all the linens on it. I cannot wait to get her dresser and for the rocker to be completed, my Dad is taking our family rocker to be stained.

I also ordered some stuff online to make the letters that will go above the crib. This is a photo I found online. They will look like this except the letters will be brown and the ribbons white. I'm excited to be able to do something productive while on bed rest.

The countdown to our next small milestone of 26 weeks begins...10 days away! The specialist said he hopes that we can make it to 36 weeks. My OB initially said 35 prior to the cerclage surgery. I'm shooting for 37+!


  1. woohoo! great report! i'm glad you like your new doc. i'm a 1.7 with fundal pressure too! hang in there and keep horizontal! you can do it!

  2. love those letters! very cute & happy to hear you are both doing well!

  3. I'm glad to hear the bed rest is working! Keep up the good work, Mama!


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