Bedrest is no fun & some online purchases.

This weekend I'v been feeling a little down. Being in bed for five weeks is starting to get to me. Joe works a lot, usually about 13 hours a shift. I look forward to him getting home but he's usually just so tired from work and the commute that he wants to crash. He still manges to watch our shows with me and pick up any snacks I want on the way home. Being alone in bed (aside from my dogs)
 from the minute I wake up to sometimes 11-12 at night really does suck. What a lot of people don't seem to understand is that bed rest doesn't just mean sitting at home relaxing. It means laying flat all the time, no housework. I have to keep the weight off my cervix.

On Joe's days off obviously he wants to relax and catch up on sleep on top of getting things done that I can't do anymore (grocery shopping, vacuuming, cleaning the restrooms etc.) along with taking me to my bi-weekly doctor appointments. It's hard because I feel like my house is a dusty mess. Lets not even talk about the dead plants in the flower beds and weeds everywhere. I would love to go make our yard look normal again, it's really nagging at me. That's not going to happen though. I hate having an un-kept yard. I thought about getting a lawn chair to lay out during the day but don't even want to look at the weeds back there. Joe is off on Tuesday and Wednesday this week but with groceries, my appointment and other household stuff I just don't see the weeds or dead plants even being touched.

Today I was looking forward to my Dad picking me up to go relax on my parents couch for the day, a change in scenery and some socialization! It's my Mom's Birthday so I ordered her gifts online and was excited to give them to her and eat dinner with them. My Dad got sick and didn't think it would be a good idea for me to be around him so now here I lay...still.

I have a Doctors appointment on Wednesday so I get to get out of the house for that, at least. Woo hoo! I'm a pretty social person and I really miss my clients at work and getting to talk with them often. I'm not one to be down. I haven't been up until this point. I'm so grateful that Finley is doing well and I know that's all that matters but being alone all the time really does suck. Being a control freak and being so out of control just tops it off. I hate having to rely on other people for things. If I need something, I won't ask....I don't want to burden anyone, besides Joe of course.  I've been really up beat up until now and I'm sure I'll get out of this funk. It just seems like no one understands. Not only am I basically in isolation but I have to sit worrying about Finley every single day, hoping that she doesn't come too early and that I don't get contractions. Seeing everyone's statuses on Facebook about their fun weekend at the cook off really hasn't helped. I was so excited to be able to go to the Rodeo this year but now that's not going to happen. I've got a lot of making up to do next year. I just keep telling myself that this is only temporary. Hopefully when I hit the mid 30's (weeks) I'll be able to do something at least. I want to be able to work on Finley's room and shop for stuff I can't find online. Hobby Lobby, Kirkland's and Garden Ridge are at the top of my list. Garden Ridge, you suck for not having online shopping. Hobby Lobby and Kirkland's do but the online stuff is pretty limited.

While we're on that subject...on to the online shopping I did last night. I finished buying the nursery furniture along with her laundry hamper and closet shelves to keep it organized. It should arrive in a week or two. The crib is already set up and I cannot wait for this stuff to complete the ensemble. I am guessing in a few weeks when hopefully I am able to make a quick run to Home Depot with my Mom we can get the paint. Playing that one by ear... Here are some photos of the new stuff.

Both for closet orginization
In other news, we are 25weeks & 1day!

Your Baby's Growth and Development This is a big week for your baby! Around pregnancy week 25, the structures of his spine are starting to form, including 33 vertebrae (rings of bone), 150 joints, and 1,000 ligaments. These structures will eventually support your baby's body weight. Your baby's capillaries are also forming this week. Capillaries are the tiny blood vessels that move blood from the heart to tissues in the body. By the end of week 25, air sacs and blood vessels in your baby's lungs will develop, getting him ready for his first breath. So far in your pregnancy, your little one's nostrils have been plugged up, but they are now beginning to open up. With the advances in technology, if your baby were to be born this week, he has up to an 82 percent chance of survival with aggressive ICU treatment.
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