22 Weeks!

Today we hit the 22 week mark!

I feel good.

This morning Joe left for work earlier than usual. Food Network is doing a show filming at his job today (Unwrapped). He wanted to get a haircut first in case he got some air time. ha

My Dad came over and brought me my contraction meds refill that he picked up from the pharmacy. I am slowly weaning off them but was running low. I have gone from taking one every six hours to one every nine-ten hours. The contractions are barely there now. Overall today I've had maybe two light Braxton Hicks. Good stuff. I really think that everything was just irritated from the surgery. Hopefully it's smooth sailing from here on out. Besides the bed rest of course.

My Dad also got the mail for me. All junk. He brought breakfast too (omelet, pancake and biscuit with gravy) with some sweet tea of course ;) It was delish. I really am spoiled. I hate being so helpless and needy.

The weather here is finally warming up and the ice is melted. Joe didn't even go to work yesterday after seeing the morning news. There were hundreds of wrecks. Houston just can't cope with icy roads. Not snow either, this was pure ice. Me, I haven't even had to feel a bit of the cold. I haven't stepped foot out of the house since my Doctors appointment on Wednesday. It's supposed to get cold again come mid week and my plan is to continue keeping warm inside.

I think Finley is finally starting to get on a more normal sleep schedule now. I could have sworn she never slept. I would feel her all the time. Now I'm actually noticing little breaks in between. This morning she was calm all morning. Then when I got on the phone and was talking away I guess it woke her up because she started kicking and moving around again. I read that they start to sleep more around 22 weeks. Joe has felt her before but last night I put his hand on my stomach while we were watching TV and he got about four good kicks in about 30 seconds. I love sitting watching my stomach move all around at night.

Well, my phone alert is calling me! My opponent in Word Feud has played her word...she stole my spot. Grr. lol. Off I go to gain some points back! A day in the life of a pregnant bed rest'er...

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  1. Hooray for 22 weeks! I'm surprised at how quickly the last couple of weeks have actually gone by. I'll be in the hospital until viability in a couple weeks at least. I have a pretty conservative doctor. I have my cervix checks on Fridays and yesterdays was awesome, I was measuring just under 3cm and I was totally closed, no funneling, even with abdominal pressure! Here is to many, many more boring weeks for us :)


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