Updates (November 28, 2010)

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Ours was pretty low key. Joe's Birthday was on Thanksgiving and he had work. We ate over at my parents and were able to do the feast earlier in the day so that he could eat with us. It was actually nice having everything done and cleaned up earlier in the day this year. My Mom and I made a visit to Garden Ridge where I got all the outside lights and decor for our house. Since this is the first year in the new house we needed everything. I got some inside decor as well. My Mom even got us the cutest ceramic snowman and some pretty festive place mats for the dining table setting. All the inside stuff is up besides the table runner for the coffee table that I still need to find (didn't like any of the Garden Ridge ones)

We also decide to do a little Black Friday shopping. Nothing too early though, I'm not that hardcore. Even starting out at nine a.m I was able to score a great deal on a Pre lit LED tree at the Home Depot. We then headed to the mall, crowds weren't bad. I think all the die hards were already gone by 10:30 when we got there. Since it was raining pretty bad that may have helped too. We scored the Victoria Secret gift bags with $60 purchase even that late in the day after a 25 minute wait in the line. VS had to be the most packed store in the entire mall. The gift bags are a pretty hot pink with a Love Spell lotion, Dream Angels spray and a full size lip gloss. Mom and I Christmas shopped a bit but mainly for ourselves. No fretting though, the stuff is going under the tree! ;) Joe and my dad are so hard to shop for! We decided we'd contemplate for a bit longer to try and figure out what to get for them. We were able to score a few of their gifts though. We then headed to lunch and the Western Store where my Mom got my Dad some really nice boots. All in all it was a good day of shopping and we enjoyed ourselves.

Now for baby updates. I am 12 weeks today! We had our monthly visit on Wednesday. I invited my Mom to come with me this time. It was neat because it was the first time we were actually able to hear the Heartbeat on the Doppler. Heartbeat was 170. It was so funny because once the Dr. found the HB she lost it almost right away. She said "baby moved away". Guess S/He didn't like being poked at! She quickly found it again. I was all smiles. I was a little concerned because my headaches had decreased quite a bit and I've been feeling much better than before. Everything turned out well though.

Next visit is this Monday for the NT Scan. I am excited to see a baby on the ultrasound rather than just a little peanut blob. Our last ultrasound was when I was barely 8 weeks. As I mentioned in the prior post we will be having the blood test done to determine baby's gender and should have the results within a week of Monday. I cannot wait to find out!

As far as showing...sometimes I feel "not as flat in the stomach as I used to" but I really am convinced that I will be one of those late showers. Or so everyone tells me. Don't ya love the un-solicited advice. I've taken one picture at about 10 weeks and really should take another. Once I get a few and actually feel like there is enough to show I will post them on here.

I'll post more updates soon on the NT Scan and the Christmas lights outside! Joe is putting them up tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a great Weekend so far!

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