It's a ..... ! (Dec 4, 2010)

So many updates!

First, I'll start with our NT Scan. All went well and baby is measuring a little bit ahead of what they initially dated us. It's actually closer to what I guessed in the beginning. We'll see at my next visit if she wants to change our due date. The NT measurement looked good at 1.5.

The baby was moving around and making little fish lips. So cute.

Fast forward three days. We get a call from our nurse that the gender scan results are in. I wouldn't let her tell me until I got Joe on the other line on speaker.

It's a GIRL!!!

I was convinced it was a boy. I said "what, a girl!!?"

We're both so happy.

I would have been ectatic either way but it's kind of cool to have my girl since we only want two total.

I was at work upstairs when we got the news and I actually screamed with joy and jumped up. Everyone downstairs thought I had fallen down!

More news

The NT lab results came in yesterday. The numbers were really good.

Chance of down syndrome is 1 in 3000 and thechance of Trisomy 18 & 13 are LESS THAN 1 in 10,000. This was such wonderful news to get.

Now the next next six months are going to drag. I'm guessing our next ultrasound won't be until 20 weeks, I may be wrong though.

I also wanted to post a picture of the house Christmas Lights. Note to anyone out there... Blow up decorations are a pain. Notice there is no inflatable snowman in these photos. That's because he was returned. With a little wind that thing was doing the lean back dance. I couldn't deal with that all month and tore him down. Joe seems to think the wider ones that aren't so tall would cooperate better in the wind. Who knows.

and our tree.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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