An Announcement! (Oct 27, 2010)


Two weeks ago, at our first prenatal appointment we expected to see a heartbeat. There wasn't one. Just a sac.

Fast forward a (super stressful) week and some not so promising hormone levels that didn't rise as much as they should have...there was a baby and a heartbeat, measuring 6 weeks and 2 days! Our doctor ordered more blood work. The next levels didn't quite double but were promising. They went from 17000 to 43000 is four days. She scheduled us for yet another ultrasound a week later.

Today was the third ultrasound that revealed a growing baby measuring at 7 weeks + 4 days, with a great little heartbeat. We also managed to somehow gain two days. My OB said the dating must have been off or that I probably ovulated late.

The due date is June 11, 2011. I'm hopeful that everything continues to say on track.

In four weeks we are scheduled for the NT/Genetics testing and are so fortunate to live in Houston where the Center for Genetics is located. They offer the gender test as an option along with the NT Scan. It's 98%+ accurate. I can't believe we will be finding out in just four weeks (12 weeks pregnant). The next four weeks are going to drag. Joe has gone to all of my appointments with me up until this point. I asked my mom if she would like to come along for the next one. I'm excited for her to get to see the little heartbeat too.

Well, the beans are spilled! I'll update soon and try not to be such a stranger to my own blog.

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