Anatomy Scan & Updates!

As you may already know we found out that our little one is a girl and named her Finley. This past Wednesday the 19th we went for our anatomy scan to make sure everything is growing well in there.

I have been feeling her kick for a few weeks now, sometimes it seems like shes trying to jump out. I can even see it occasionally and Joe has felt her too.

All looked good and I could feel her moving during the scan. In fact shes moving right now! She's a very active baby. We should get the official results from the scan next week.

She looked nice and comfy in there and kept posing with her little hand under her chin...just like the picture up above :)

Here are some things I've found for her lately.

Her very first onesie.

I also ordered this crib today. The bedding came in a week or two ago along with the nursery chandelier. My Mom and I plan to paint the nursery by the end of next month.

and the bedding set that recently arrived. It came from Overstock.com.

 Her chandelier!

It's a start. I'm taking it all little but little. Glad to have started so that I am able to take my time. I realize this post is jam packed. Guess that's what happens when I take so long to post!

I hope all is going great for everyone and the new year has been good to you so far! Until next time!

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