Loving Lately

It's been a long time since I've done a favorites post. It's been a long time since I've posted about anything besides life updates. So I'm due. 

Whenever the seasons start to change up....ok lets be honest...when they *should* be changing (we're in Houston), I get the bug to change stuff up, and to shop. Especially during the fall. Here are some of my new(ish) favs.

Mac Velvet Teddy || Milani Adorable
I recently went on a Kylie Lip Kit dupe frenzy. These two were a result of that. I really love them both. The Milani Adorable is my favorite but both are really great. They are perfect for my fair skin without being too much. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo
I linked to Amazon but I get this cheaper at Walmart or TJ Maxx. I've been under a rock, y'all. I'd consider myself a dry shampoo expert. I've been using it for the longest time now and have tried most every kind but somehow not this one. I'm on my second bottle and I'm pretty sure I love it more than the KMS Brand that I always go back to. Try it if you haven't yet.

These Cheese Sticks
I've told my circle of friends about these things. I'm that obsessed. We are never without them in our house these days. Every time I eat them I ramble on about how I could live off them. They are pure amazingness. If you love Parmesan Cheese these will be your jam. 

Next Level Tri Blend Dolman Shirts
A friend recommended these shirts to me. They're simple (and inexpensive!) but super cute on. They are versatile and comfy. I change it up sometimes wearing them off shoulder while other times straight across. They have a cozy, relaxed feel to them. I currently have my 5th on the way. They're that great. I've been pairing them with jean shorts or skinnies with some cute sandals. They fit true to size. 

Game of Thrones
I couldn't leave this out of  a "loving lately" post. I cannot be the only person who is just now watching, right? We are on season four. For the longest time Joe begged me to watch with him. I've always hated anything with that "medieval" feel to it. I would actually refer to it as "your stupid show". BUT I could really tell he wanted me to watch with him (he's super obsessed), so like the wonderful wife I am, I finally gave in ;) and here I am. Listing it here. If you are like me, just watch it. 

That's it for now. This Mama needs to catch up on her shows and it's getting late. Happy weekend!



Carson Starts Preschool | Hubs on TV

Hi! It's been an eventful couple of weeks for us. Kindergarten is still going great for Finley AND Carson Started Preschool last week. He LOVES it! I mentioned a couple of posts ago that he didn't get into the Preschool Finley went to because I waited too long to decide that he was going to go this year. The original plan was to wait until official Pre-K (like we did with F), but then he really wanted to go, and with things being so busy with my biz these days, I figured why not? Gives me a little kid free work time. Anyways, a couple of weeks before school started we got a super exciting call. We'd made it all the way up the waiting list and he was in at our school of choice! All of the other names ahead of us had already found schools. We had too, but there was no turning down a school we've grown to love some much. I'm so happy we'll get another two years there. He's only going two days a week - although I'm pretty sure he'd go every day if he could. He really, really loves it. 

 At Meet the Teacher we filled out a little questionnaire about our kids...their favorite things, people they see often, their pets, friends, etc. Just so the teachers know a little about them to begin with. There was a section to include any note you'd like as well. I thought they should know "he's really sweet, and generally very good". That sums up our boy, y'all. Anyways, after school on the first day that's exactly what his teacher told us "he's such a good boy and he listens so well!". Talk about proud! He can have his moments like any three year old but geez do we love that sweet boy. 

As you can imagine, it's pretty exciting having two kids in school. For me, mainly because it allows for a little uninterrupted work time. But not that first day. Hubs claimed me to tag along with him. We had to take a "kid freeee" shot before we headed over to the restaurant for him to do a a few segments for our local news station. 

(oh yeah, new hair for me! Darker and shorter!)

For the segment, which was a game day theme, Joe made...
- Brisket Loaded Mac N Cheese
- Brisket Tacos (with pico)
-Warm Potato Salad

A shot by your's truly...paparazzi wife.

Here's one of the videos from the morning if you're down for some brisket tacos and the recipes, too! There were several dishes (all included in that recipe link).

Speaking of work, I need to get on that. I have an hour and a half until I head to get Carson from school and a list of orders that keep rolling in that I need to cut! Have a great week!


Whats new?

It's when I get a new follow on Blog Lovin', the Ourlittleloves Facebook page or a surprise check in the mail that I tell myself "must go write that blog post I've been meaning to". So here I am! Thanks Pinterest for keepin' this place afloat ;)

Big news round here, y'all! We have a kindergartener! Week one is in the books. Today she began week two. Can you believe it? To think I've been writing here since bed rest with her!! My how this place has changed. She's FIVE now {insert big eyed emoji}! Which reminds me - I need to get on picture printing...like last year. 

Big girl is doing great. Although on the second day of school she did ask when she was going to get a day off. School is exhausting, y'all and we like our sleep time in the mornings! So we counted down to the weekend. "So then I'm done?". "Nope. The you go back again for five more days. Then over and over and over." "Oh..." I feel ya, girl. I do... 

To add to all the excitement, we have preschool meet the teacher this week and Carson starts next week! This will be his first year going to school and he is SO excited. He was ready to go with sister! I'll for sure be stopping by to share how school is going for him as well as a "favorites" post soon to come. So much stuff I'm loving lately and I need to share!

Hope back to school has been great for your school age littles (and for those parents who aren't used to being early risers!) as well! 

(P.S - My shop is having a sale until Wednesday. Head on over to IG to snag the code!)


Big Things

Hey there! Happy <barely> Friday. 

::: Quick side note: Hi pinners! Looks like most of y'all come from there these days. Yay for fun home decorating. Glad you like our rooms! :::

Now, back so your regularly scheduled blogging...

So much is going on round these parts these days. I figured I'd stop by and give a little life update. First off, it's midnight and this is when I could fit in a post. I attempted several times before this. And here we are now. You know, since we have big kids now. Yep, Finley turned 5 in May. Carson turned 3 just this Monday. Gosh they are making me old.

Another big one. Not only does our girl start Kindergarten this year (gasp!), but we made the decision to put our boy in preschool a year earlier than Finley started (she went to real pre-k at four). One day he popped out with "I want you to take me to sisters school...and leave me there". The boy who refuses to go to the church nursery. Oooooo-k. Then the idea started sounding better and better. My business is pretty demanding these days. I kind of need more time to work alone. These nearly all nighters are exhausting and with early morning drop offs in the near future I need to go to bed at normal person hours. Of course I waited too long and he was like spot #14 on the waiting list at Finley's school. BUT it was meant to be. There was ONE spot open at the church we attend and we snagged it! We're all pretty excited. It's just two days a week but I think it will be great for him. They have a legit curriculum and since hes young for his age I think the little head start will be great for him. I think he's a pretty smart boy already but since I'm his momma maybe I'm just biased?...but I really don't think so. 

So back to the hustle of life and the business I spoke of up there. Y'all, Tulip + Vine is doing really well! It makes my heart so happy. I've put my heart into this business and it's paying off. After starting out locally, then opening up shop on Etsy and doing well, it was time to branch into my own standalone eCommerce domain. Enter TulipVine.net

I'm really happy with the new(ish) site. My business has come so far and there are still so many more goals and plans for the future. It's all just really exciting.

I could go on and on tonight because there really are so many things I want to update y'all on but I think I'll leave some of that for later. The husband is ready to catch up on Big Brother and I need to work on a few shop things first. Until next time!


Long Time...

Whaaaaat? What's this place? I kid. I kid. Life, y'all. It got busy. 

As I was sitting here during nap time it dawned on me. "My blog. I still have that. It seems like it's been a while since I got my domain. I bet that needs renewing. But should I? It's been what - three months since I've even looked at it". I really did question just forgetting about the domain and calling it quits. Setting everything to private to at least preserve our memories. 

Life is hectic. Those priorities and all. Then there's the privacy thing. The reality that things I post here are "out there" (not that I overshare - but still). I started to wonder if I really want that...and I'm still not sure... 

But I renewed. Ourlittleloves will remain at this domain for at least another year. Plus 80 days...that's what I had left. Anyways, should I reintroduce myself? Or just continue on? Where's that laughing/crying emoji when you need him? (EEEK It's pouring and the electricity went out for a good 30 seconds. It's back now!). The thunder woke someone up. 

 Blogging in good company. 

I'm thinking I should do a "catch up" cliff-notes. It's a lot and I really don't even know where I left off!

So lets start with the kids first. Finley turns FIVE this week (lets not dwell on that) and she finished Pre-K this past Thursday. She is all registered for Kindergarten. I say she isn't an official Kindergartner until that first day. End of story. 

We will miss her school and teachers SO much. I'm hoping we can get Carson in one of their classes when it's his turn to go to Pre-K. Her other teacher will be the new principal of the school, so we'll still get to see them both when Carson starts school there. There's also talk of a class meetup at the splash pad and Finley will be in Daiseys next year with some of the little girls from her class, which is super exciting. 

She's still not so sure about this new school and kindergarten business. She wants to stay at her old school...

Carson turns three in July. He is the sweetest, most loving and goofy boy. I still just want to eat him up. I know he's not a baby anymore but he's the still the baby here. It's funny because when Finley was 3 she had already been a big sister for a while. She seemed so big already compared to the tiny new baby. Maybe we just know now that we need to hold on to those little moments as long as we can because they grow SO fast.

Then there's my business. You guys. It's legit these days. I think I may have mentioned that I opened up shop on etsy after doing well locally and on Facebook. I know not all etsy shops take off and it can be a challenge, but y'all - I put in a LOT of time and hard work from the get go and it's really paid off. My etsy shop just hit 300 orders in just over 3 months. Some of these orders had 2,3,4,5 even 14 shirts on them. This is on top of local and Facebook orders. It's all super exciting and a lot crazy to me. 

I don't think anyone really realizes what goes into running your own business until you are in the thick of it. It's a lot. And it's all me. But I am SO SO SO lucky that it's thrived. It still amazes me that I have a real income now where I make my own hours and I'm my own boss. Don't get me wrong. I work a lot. But it's when the kids are in bed for the night, or napping, or running around the yard while I press shirts in the garage. I can quickly answer messages from my phone . Or post a new design on social media from the Panera parking lot. That's my kinda work.

In other big news, our family went to Disney, I'm pretty sure I did mention the planning of this trip a while back. It was booked way out. We went with all of Joe's immediate family. It was awesome. The kids had such a great time with their cousins. This was Carson's first time to go and he's a brave little thing. We can't wait for him to be tall enough for all the rides he wanted to go on but couldn't yet. Finley was scared on pretty much every single ride. Including Peter Pan. Yes...Peter Pan. But oddly not on the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom, which was hands down the scariest one she went on. Crazy kid.

Anyways, naptime is over and I currently have a Spiderman to my left and an Olivia pig to my right - both eating Cheez-It's that should be dinner. So I'm going to go get on that. I'm sure there is more to update, but for now I think I've touched on the big stuff, so there's that.

Have a great weekend!

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